Syd Bishop and Sons offer a range of demolition services, asbestos related services and waste management services.


Syd Bishop & Sons have been involved in the demolition industry for the past 90 years and have undertaken small to large demolition projects. With senior management having over 100 years of demolition experience, SBS have the necessary machinery, manpower, resources and technical capabilities to complete all types of demolition projects. Demolition services include: High-rise … Continue reading


SBS Demolition undertakes all types of dismantling and asset recovery service, covering all aspects of dismantling, resale and relocation. Our team of skilled deconstruction personnel includes Appointed Person, crane supervisors, operators, slinger signallers and engineers that are capable of safely and efficiently dismantling even the largest and most complex structures.

Temporary Works

Temporary works is an everyday occurrence in demolition and construction projects with our experience and in-house engineering company Waldens Engineering we are able to offer practical and innovative temporary works solutions. Services we provide; Temporary works design CAT III design check Façade Retention Structural Alterations Retention Systems; Piling and Underpinning Floor loading calculations and report … Continue reading

Asbestos Removal

Most of our demolition projects require hazardous materials and asbestos removal abatement services. Through our partnerships with asbestos removal subcontractors, we have access to resources and infrastructure to ensure that hazardous materials and asbestos removal works are done in a safe and efficient way. Our partners’ end-to-end hazardous materials abatement and decontamination services include: Asbestos … Continue reading

Waste Management

SBS Demolition is constantly striving to achieve the best possible recycling and resource recovery options for our clients with our commitment to Zero to Waste. Projects delivered by SBS Demolition are achieving 98% recovery rate and in some instances 100%. We can achieve this by utilising our sister company Pinden Ltd to recover materials through … Continue reading


From inception to completion consideration must be given to the environment and the effect SBS activities will have on it. Measures taken by SBS to reduce the impact on the environment include: Creation of an Environmental Management Plan Waste minimisation and recycling Environmental Monitoring; Dust, Noise and Vibration Dust mitigation Noise and vibration abatement Sediment … Continue reading


Our understanding of contaminants and their impact on building and construction projects span all forms of past, current and future use, while incorporating heavy and light industrial, commercial, residential and agricultural project sites. Full site remediation and rehabilitation, including excavation and removal, containment and compaction, bioremediation and land farming, in-situ stabilisation, chemical treatment and stabilisation, … Continue reading


SBS realise the importance to clients on having a single point responsibility by incorporating civil packages with the demolition package. With our in-house Civil, Structural and Temporary works engineers Waldens Engineering we are able to provide a one stop solution. This gives us a great opportunity to reduce time and cost for the client. From … Continue reading

Latest Case Study

Dreadnought, Greenwich


The project consisted of the demolition of the central courtyard 2 storey glazed structure and the asbestos removal to the basement of the listed Dreadnought building. The Dreadnought building was originally constructed (1764-68) by Greenwich Hospital as its infirmary for treating sick Greenwich Pensioners. The central corridor connecting the two wings contained historical items including … Continue reading