87 Blackwall Lane

Blackwall Lane, Greenwich
Hexagon Housing Association

This building demolition project was challenging for several differing reasons. The brief was to demolish the existing steel structure building grub up foundations. On one side the building directly adjacent the public footpath, the other was a listed building. Also there was a possibility of buried tanks from a previous existence of the site when it could have been a vehicle garage.

Start on site was to establish a secure compound to enable the demolition of the building. Then to establish whether the underground tank was if it was still there as this could have impacted the duration of the project. A survey was supplied and we dug a trial hole to ascertain whether it was there, whilst this was being carried out the soft stripping of the site and installation of the protective scaffold was undertaken. The hand demolition of the office section adjacent to Blackwall Lane was undertaken as well. No tanks was found and the 290zx Hitachi demolition excavator set about the building with a shear attachment and verachtert attachment.

Hoarding was installed, ground slab and foundations removed.

after building demolition and ground slab removal probing found some old pipework and what appeared to be a bund which had what looked like contaminated soils around it. These where sent for analysis to ascertain the contaminant and then to find a suitable waste treatment site for the soils. The area was quarantined so we could continue the the removal of the slab, tarmac and reducing the level of the site to the required level for construction.

Suitable disposal facility was found and 18 tipper loads were removed from site to Keltbray environmental facility and type 1 was brought in from Pindens (our sister company), to restore the required level for construction to commence when we completed. Demolition Services in London | Syd Bishop & Sons Ltd  Waste Management in London | SBS Demolition LTD (sydbishop.co.uk)Environmental – SBS Demolition – Environmental Services (sydbishop.co.uk)


Secure site  

Remove vegetation

trial holes to locate unidentified underground structure

Soft strip

Protective scaffold

Hand demolition adjacent public footpath

Mechanical demolition

dust suppression

slab and foundation removal

reduced level dig

Contaminated soils removal

import of crush to restore levels

Hand back to client

          Pinden | Skip Hire Kent | Pinbins (pindenltd.co.uk)


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Hitachi 350LC going about its demolition business with ease Photo shot of the Hitachi Zaxis 350LC demolishing Thornbrook house on behalf of Tilia homes. Made short work of the demolition, ground slabs and foundation removals. Moved onto crushing with the aid of a Zaxis 290.


Correct weight was 1.38t Leesa had the closest guess to that. Thank you to all who participated.

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Our first time exhibiting at the Kent Construction Expo at the county show grounds Detling. Very successful event and really good to meet so many familiar faces and to make some new contacts. Very well staged event.

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87 Blackwall Lane

87 Blackwall Lane

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