Tustin Estate

Southwark, London

The project at Tustin Estate was to disconnect and remove the podium slab, demolish the garages located under the podium slab and to demolish the community centre, clear all arisings and remove all the slabs and foundations within the demise

Working with Engie for Southwark council we implemented a strategy that enabled the residents access and egress to the Tower blocks of Ambleside point, Grasmere point, and Heversham house whilst the normal access and egress routes were removed.

The gas supply to all 3 blocks was via an external gas pipe that ran around the external perimeter of the site and then ran up the outside of the buildings, this had to be protected at all times. Some of the podium slab was able to be saw cut others had to be cut using high pressure water jetting cutting techniques. Temporary propping of specified areas of the slab under the gardens of Haslemere house had to propped and then a retaining supporting wall had to be installed. The community centre was demolished using pulverising techniques and all arisings from the project had to be removed. Dust suppression was provided in 2 forms, the first being around the perimeter of the site using a fine mist suppression system the stopped dust escaping from the site compound, and the second was direct water suppression from our dust Bosse.

Scope Of Works

  • Temporary propping
  • Resident access and egress arrangements
  • Gas main protection works
  • Saw cutting
  • High pressure water cutting
  • Demolition using pulverising techniques
  • Community centre demolition
  • Resident liaison

Latest News

Demolition Thornbrook House

Hitachi 350LC going about its demolition business with ease Photo shot of the Hitachi Zaxis 350LC demolishing Thornbrook house on behalf of Tilia homes. Made short work of the demolition, ground slabs and foundation removals. Moved onto crushing with the aid of a Zaxis 290.


Correct weight was 1.38t Leesa had the closest guess to that. Thank you to all who participated.

Kent Construction expo

Our first time exhibiting at the Kent Construction Expo at the county show grounds Detling. Very successful event and really good to meet so many familiar faces and to make some new contacts. Very well staged event.

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87 Blackwall Lane

Demolition, Asbestos R&D Survey, temporary works, remediation, contaminated soil removal, tarmac removal/disposal.