Gasholder Demolition


The Sheerness Gas Holder site was home to two, three lift above ground spiral guided Gas Holders, which required de-sludging, dewatering and dismantling.

Due to the constraints of live underground services, and the condition of the perimeter surface material, the construction phase of the works was designed to eliminate the movements of heavy machinery outside of the gasholders tanks. Whilst implementing exclusion zones to keep heavy machine movements confined to the solid base of the gasholders.

The deconstruction of the steel tank base revealed the need to dispose of a bit-mac base, along with the bit-sand bedding layer. The Gas holder footprint was then backfilled to ground level, including all pits and inlets.

Latest Case Study

Dreadnought, Greenwich


The project consisted of the demolition of the central courtyard 2 storey glazed structure and the asbestos removal to the basement of the listed Dreadnought building. The Dreadnought building was originally constructed (1764-68) by Greenwich Hospital as its infirmary for treating sick Greenwich Pensioners. The central corridor connecting the two wings contained historical items including … Continue reading