Community Hospital

Southwark Council

The project required the management of two separate working locations on the hospital grounds, s the hospital remained operational for the duration of the project.

Parcel 1 was previously demolished to underside of ground slab with all materials being processed and stockpiled. The scope of works to test, process and recycle all inherited stockpiles, utilising material for backfilling and pilling mat construction. Drainage diversion works were undertaken with a new drainage system installed across the site. A tarmacked haul road was installed to enable a new access to the site for the construction works.

Parcel 2 consisted of former hospital buildings that were derelict and required demolition. As the buildings had been empty for some time, they had become the home for bats. Working alongside an Ecologist, the bats were relocated before the asbestos removal and demolition work was undertaken. The site was located in close proximity to the railway line, residents and the hospital. Noise, dust and vibration monitors were implemented along with an Environmental Management Plan to assist with demolition and ensure the least amount of disruption possible.

Once the superstructure had been demolished the foundations, connective tunnels and obstructions were removed before a piling mat was constructed using recycled materials from site.

Scope of Works for Community Hospital

Parcel 1

  • Processing and testing all inherited stockpiles on site
  • Removal of discovered contaminated water
  • Mass reduce level dig
  • Drain diversion and installation of a new drainage system
  • Backfill and installation of a piling mat
  • Installation of a site access haul road

Parcel 2

  • Asbestos removal
  • Demolition Scaffold
  • Hand demolition of the roof to enable the safe migrations of roosting bats
  • High reach demolition
  • Removal of all foundations and below ground obstructions
  • Installation of piling mat

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Hitachi 350LC going about its demolition business with ease Photo shot of the Hitachi Zaxis 350LC demolishing Thornbrook house on behalf of Tilia homes. Made short work of the demolition, ground slabs and foundation removals. Moved onto crushing with the aid of a Zaxis 290.


Correct weight was 1.38t Leesa had the closest guess to that. Thank you to all who participated.

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Our first time exhibiting at the Kent Construction Expo at the county show grounds Detling. Very successful event and really good to meet so many familiar faces and to make some new contacts. Very well staged event.

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Demolition, Asbestos R&D Survey, temporary works, remediation, contaminated soil removal, tarmac removal/disposal.